AIDS Walk/Run 2014

Registration Info:

Online registration is now closed. Walk-ins are welcome at the event. There will be a $25 fee for runners registering at the event.

We encourage walkers to set
a pledge goal of at least $25

Fast Finishes will serve as the official timer for the run.

Click here for fundraising
tips and sample letter.


We are pleased to thank the following for their generous in-kind support of AIDS Walk/Run.

Bruegger's Bagels
Mark Jenkins
Robert Ricketts
Tony Stanley
David Elliott

AIDS Walk/Run 2014

Saturday, October 25 at the MDC Reservoir in West Hartford

RUN CHECK-IN at 9:00 a.m. RUN BEGINS at 10:00 a.m.
WALK CHECK-IN at 10:30 a.m. WALK BEGINS at 11:30 a.m.
Awards presented and refreshments served at 11:00 a.m.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no activities after the walk, participants may leave when they are done.

Nobody with HIV/AIDS Walks Alone...

Participants will enjoy music, beverages, snacks, free gifts, awards for top fundraisers and top finishers in the 5K run. Attend the event in costume for our "Halloween Parade" (optional). All participants are strongly encouraged to register online prior to the event. Collect donations online or use a 2014 Pledge Sheet to track cash/checks to be turned in at the event.

Sponsor a Registered Participant:

To make an online donation in support of a registered participant please click on a name from the list below. If you would prefer to make a general donation (not supporting any specific individual or team) please click on General Donations at the bottom of the list. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: To view a list of donations for a registered participant click on the ribbon next to each name. Any online donations made after 3:00 p.m. on Friday, October 24, 2014, will not be included in the totals used to determine fundraising awards. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
Name of Registered Participant Total Raised
Sonia Alvarez
Chi Anako
Messiah Anderson
Kathryn Bailly $20
Anya Bargh $20
Jean Baril $20
Winifred Battle $20
Matthew Beauregard $20
Kristin Belmonte
Big Sky Helena $25
Miriam Bracamonte
Andrea Browne $20
Kristen Bruno $20
Abigail Burke
Sunita Burke
Anna Cantres
Shai Cassell $20
Sue Clark-Levin
Fred Colon
Melania Cruz
Crystal and Anna $40
Deanys Sweet Ideas
The Devinators $600
Directors $1,300
Steve Dumas $100
Parnian Emami $20
Willy Faded
Sean Farrelly $10
Zyon Feliks
Ken Fermin $20
Mary Ferrari
First Flight $20
Marisol Flores
Brittney Fox
Stacey Franklin $20
Mary Freda $45
Thomas Gagne
Diane V. Glasscock
Gea Gonzalez
Daishawn Goodson
Grace Greenland $20
Kyle Haydon $20
Dan Healy $20
Joe Hemingway $20
Maggie Hemingway $20
HoodHeart Hero'z
Darcie Hudson $20
Hannah Kalichman $20
Seth Kalichman $20
Erica Kriscenski $20
Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity
LC Pelicans $25
Gentry Lee
Carter Lennon $100
Aurelio Lopez $40
Kia Manson
Rafael Matos
Margery May $930
Fannie McGowan
Jeff McGuire $20
Rebecca McMahon
Jaymar Minter
Eli Miranda
Christian Mojica $20
Matthew Morris
Shawn Murphy
Lisa Muschette
Bryanna Novak-Rich $20
Selam Olson
Susan Olson
Leslie Paguada
Teresa Pelham $20
Jenn Pindell
Marietta Quattlebaum $20
Queers of Hall High
Jessica Randazzo-Shea
Reach Out $40
Allison Reilly-Bombara $20
Richie's Daughters $147.66
Diana Rock
Suzanne Sayers
Ashley Schutte-Bell
Kimberly Scribe $20
Mahyrah Shamseddine
Mena Shehata $20
Debbie Sidewater $25
Kelly Smith
Brenna Spizzoucco $20
Alec Stewart $20
Mary Stewart $20
The Strollers $545
Dwayne Taylor $20
Team CTRA $160
Team Delfino
Team HOPE $20
Team HYHIL $20
Team Jezebel $890
Team Kim $100
Team SKY
Team Tess $165
Team Tutu $240
Team Warriors $510
Joseph S. Terzo
Erin Twible
UConn SSW Graduate Student Organization $200
UHart Spectrum
Emily Rose Uleano $20
Unchained Purpose
Aviva Vincent $20
Natalie Weaver
Chad Williams-Bey $35
WNEU Black Law Student Association
Pink Wright $45
Robin Wright $45
Ziggy Graveley Team $865
Jamie Zorn
General Donation $50